Top tips

Why learn a language?

People learn languages for many different reasons and whether you are thinking about beginning your foreign language journey or you are interested in adding another language to your collection its important to understand how learning a new language can benefit us.

If you are having a down day or feeling demotivated by your progress just take a look at the list below to remind yourself of why you started your journey.

Learning another language can:

  • help you to understand your own language
  • improve your memory
  • open up more job opportunities 
  • improve skills such as communication and problem solving 
  • allow you to have a greater understanding of the world around you
  • create opportunities to interact with a variety of people
  • increase your confidence
  • help you to appreciate other cultures
  • make you more patient and tolerant  
  • improve your listening, reading, speaking and writing skill                                                              

Why are you interested in learning a language?