Lisanne Van Nierop-The Founder

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I started learning Spanish in school at the age of 15 and immediately fell in love with it, choosing to continue studying it at GCSE, A-Level and even picking a degree in Spanish too. During my degree I was lucky enough to live in the south of Spain for a year. My direct experience with the language, the people, the food and the culture only made my passion grow and just learning languages myself wasn’t enough anymore, I wanted to inspire others. Following my degree I decided to get in to teaching and qualified as an EFL teacher and then a Spanish teacher a couple of years later. Ever since, my aim has been to help others find their passion for Spanish.

      LV Languages- The Business


With my background it’s not difficult to understand why my business revolves around languages but what you might be wondering is why I decided to start a business at all. Well, I know firsthand that learning a language takes time and commitment so I wanted to make the process easier and more accessible to those who want to fit in learning a language around their busy lifestyle. I was also aware that many people are scared to learn a new language and therefore wanted to provide a relaxed atmosphere where students could feel completely comfortable whilst also having a lot of fun.