Online tuition

Don’t have time for face to face tuition? Want to have tuition in the comfort of your own home? We offer online tuition too!

At LV Languages we know that life is busy and that’s why we offer online tuition- an easy way to access tuition without the hassle. Online tuition can happen anywhere, at any time and is an affordable and convenient alternative to face to face tuition. which is why it is our most popular service

We also offer a FREE online consultation before you commit to tuition. This allows you to discuss your needs in detail and take part in a series of activities which will determine the direction of your lessons. If you’re still happy after the consultation you can go ahead and book your first lesson.

1 to 1 online tuition (Charges displayed per hour):

English as a Foreign Language (Elementary-Advanced): £25.00-£30.00

Spanish Adult Learner: £30.00
Spanish KS3: £25.00
Spanish GCSE: £30.00
Spanish A Level: £35.00
Spanish Degree: £40.00

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