Grammar is great!

Just kidding. 

In all my years of language learning I haven’t met anyone (yet) who has told me that they love learning grammar. Despite this it is a vital part of learning a language so whether you like it or not you need to learn it!

We all have preferences when it comes to the way we learn which means that some of us may like learning grammar by reading through explanations and completing relevant exercises. If that works for you, you can stop reading here. However if you (like me) enjoy learning through using maps, diagrams and pictures (otherwise known as visual learning) keep reading, as I may have something for you!

In one of my earlier blog posts I mentioned The Language Show London, an event for language teachers and language lovers alike. In today’s blog post I am going to be sharing a resource with you which I discovered there.

The suitably titled VerbMAPS does exactly what it says on the tin. You guessed it…maps of verbs (Unbelievable right!) As simple as it might sound, for someone who likes visual representations this book is ideal! Not only does it show you how to form tenses it also teaches verb patterns by using easy to follow diagrams which are colour coded, so learning those all important verbs doesn’t have to be dull or confusing!

You can visit to type in a verb and see how it works. Then from there you can easily purchase the book if you like the look of it (There is also one for French).